Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Slate Pencil and Chalk Pencil Supplier India

Hello Guys !! We hope you all are fine.

Today we launch our new product slate pencil. So today we give you some info about where to buy Edible Slate Pencil & Chalk in India. Many customer have this type of same query. so we decide to provide Slate Pencil for our valuable customer. 

In India, foodie people who want to eat Yummy test with Slate Pencil then is right place for this product. We have wide range of Edible Slate pencil with reasonable price. We give you delicate slate pencil with best price. We assure that we give you best Natural Stone Pencil which you like so much.

 If any Query Or Order Just WhatsApp Us @ +91 7434997234

You can also Email Us @


  1. how to purchase
    //////whats app not working

    1. Sorry For Let Reply..

      We are loading supplier for all types of Slate Pancil, Grey Clay, Roasted Clay And Chalk Also.

      If you want to Buy Us Just Email Us @ ( With quantity & Location )

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